Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Maa Beta

Hello FSI friend this Apurba Biswas. I am a Bengali boy. I stay West Bengal state of India. My local city is Barasat. I have a small family. Me, my dad Anil Biswas and my mom Bipula Biswas. I am the only son of my family. My father is a government service holder, he stays his office in Midnapure district, and he is a joint BDO. My father age is 55 years. He came back home only one time each month. My mom is house wife she do her household work. My mom age is 46 years. I am an Honours graduate. My age is 26 years. I am trying to get a job and I am officially jobless. I sit for competitive examination. The incident happened few months back. I purchases computer last year and I teach my mom computer program, she now open all program. Last February I purchases modem and I start search website and I get this site FSI. I download some incest story between mother son incest relation and I save it in my excel worksheet. For three days I go to Nagpur for my railway competitive exam. When I came back I saw some changes to my mom. My mom looks like normal Bengali housewife. She is fatty good looking gorgeous lady. She is fair hairy Bengali woman. My mom size is 42D-36-44. Her buttock is very large, her back is so softy fresh like butter shape. Now come to the point. When I came back home I saw my mom want to free with me. She asked some question. That question she never asked me before. She shows me her upper portion of her breast by falling her saree anchal. When I first see her gorgeous breast u shaped, suddenly my cock heard on I never seen before. What a look it was. Mom great lips invite me to kiss her. I can 抰 understand what mom wants. After two days there is no change mom attitude. I can 抰 realize why change mom 抯 attitude. Now a day my hobby is searching internet for incest mom son stories where mom-son physical relation present. When I read mom-son fucking its make me mad for fucking own mom. But how I insist mom I don 抰 know. One day night mom said what your job position is. I said I don 抰 know. Mom said age is not waiting. I said Maa I am trying my best. Mom said I know but you have some concentrate problem. I have no answer. Mom asked what you thinking every time now. I said no nothing. Mom said you hide me your problem. I said no maa. Maa said tell me your problem. I said maa when I sit for reading or solving problem some thing disturbs always me. Maa said thing about this. I said thing but there is no way to solve. Maa said you are our only son we want to see establish you. I said I know maa. Maa said concentrate properly. I said ok maa. Mom goes away. I am thinking how I got a job. After a week some result come out but I am unsuccessful all exam. My mind is very poor that time. Maa want to know what is your result, I have know answer. Maa goes away. In that night mom came to my room and asked what happened. I said I am sorry maa I am failed. Maa Said ok try few exam ahead. I have no answer. Maa said this computer broke your concentrate fully. I said why? Maa said internet. In this speeches I realized maa why changes. I understand maa read those stories and she change. I said this is your wrong thinking. Maa said don 抰 forget I am your maa. I said I know it. Maa said after purchases this computer you forget your study, you loose your concentrate fully. Maa also said you read but your mind stay other. I said maa I know it but how I recover this problem, please help me. Maa said if you told me about your thinking may I help you. How can I tell to maa that your figure disturbs me? Maa asked what you are thinking. I said nothing. Maa said OK I am going. It was 12.30am. I called maa. Maa said what? I said maa please help me. Maa said if you not saying your problem, how can I solve, but one request please avoids reading those stories. Suddenly I down from the earth mom read that story. Maa telling this she goes to her room. I am thinking mom 抯 attitude last two weeks. I called maa come here. Maa came back and asked what? I said my problem is those stories. Maa stop no answer. I said maa help me. Maa said how? I said being 26 years old I am immature please mature me. Maa said how? I understand maa is agreed. I said I am hungry and you also due to Baba come home once in a month. Maa said so what I have no problem, tell me really what do you want? I said maa, (ami tomake chud tee chai) I want to fuck you. Maa hearing this word she smile and said if I give you, you sure you will get job. I said I am dam sure. Maa said OK I will think about it. I caught mama 抯 hand and my erect cock touch with her hand and said maa please don 抰 waste time. Maa said its sin. I said maa there is no sin if you told to others. Maa said after all you are my son. I said maa we are both hungry for sex so, here is no mother son only men and woman. Maa said OK no need explain, I am ready for what do you want. Hearing moms comments I am full excite and said mom really. Mom said yes my son, I never think other person without you. I kiss mom 抯 lips and mom I am very younger than you so, am I satisfied you. Mom said with kissing my lips only you satisfied me. I said mom I will give you best fuck. Mom said please let go to bed. Both mom and I go bed. Mom opens her saree. I help her to open her blouse and bra. Mom large breast open to me. I am touching her breast 抯 nipple and press it tightly.Mom enjoys it. I said mom please open your petticoat. Mom without hesitation opens her petticoat. Moms vagina open to me it is cover by black hair. It is looking like a small jungle. I touch with my right hand and middle finger enters into the vagina. Mom said Apurba baba don 抰 do this please come on and ride on me. I open my lungi, my 7.5 inch cock fully erect with read head. I said maa please spread your legs. Maa spread her legs and call me to enter. I sat moms between tow legs and push my cock into mom cunt. Mom helps me to enter. I ride on mom and my cock fully enters into her vagina. Mom holds me with hand and said me so hard your cock. I do my buttock up and down every second and asked mom the size of cock is ok. Mom said your cock bigger than your dad and it is actual size for me. I said maa how do you feel. Maa said don 抰 talk only fuck. I said maa we are doing sin. Maa said with Bengali amra kono paap karsi na. ami bollam keno. Maa ballo tor baba to onya meyar sathe kare. Ami bollam ma tumi satthi tomay dekhe bojher upay nai tumi ki paro. Maa amay paa diya pach diyee dharee ballo keno sona ami emon ki korechi. Ami bollam nizer cheller sathe choda chudi karso. Maa ballo ghare jowan chele thakte keno onnya loker kache jabo. Ami maa ke ghano ghano chodon ditee ditee bollam thik maa koreso. Aaj theke sudhu ami tomay chudbo. Maa ballo ei sona amay chudte tor bhalo lagse. Ami bollam haa maa. Maa ballo ei taratari kar amar ebar habey. Ami bollam maa amar o habey. Maa ballo ah ah ah dey dey baba ki such aha aha ooooooooooooo aha umh oo ah. Ami jore dite dite bollam maa are parbo na ebar galo maa ebar galo. I pore my cum into moms pusi. Mom also discharge her cum. Both are some relax with joint.After our first fuck mom said please sleep. I said no mom please you stay with I 抣 l will fuck you again. Mom smile and said ok. Both mom and I sleep with my bed. I fuck mom on that night also two times.